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 We ARE HARPER Commitments

“Discovering dreams, achieving aspirations, transforming lives”

As a school there are four main areas that we expect all our students to take responsibility for. Our aim is to make each individual central to their own education and support them in making positive choices and through doing so our students will become more committed, independent and resilient.

Learning – We are inspired to achieve through engaging and challenging lessons within a broad and balanced curriculum.

Personal Development – We believe that it is our responsibility to discover and nurture our unique talents through the “We are HARPER” attributes.

Experience – We endeavour to be confident and resilient and believe we can achieve this by challenging ourselves daily through new experiences.

Community – We recognise the positive differences we can make in society and how this can only be achieved through working together.

We are HARPER Commitments 

Each year our students will be challenged to fulfil a number of commitments. The commitments are designed to support their personal development and by challenging themselves through engaging in the wider life of school and beyond our young people will benefit from the rich experiences that Harper Green has to offer.

Community Commitments

  • Fund raise or support a charitable event
  • Be actively involved in a community experience.

 Learning Commitments

  • Fully engage in learning within each subject and take pride in the work you produce
  • Show evidence of learning beyond the classroom

Personal Development Commitments

  • Regularly attend an after school or lunch time enrichment sessions.
  • Demonstrate both inside and outside the school the “we are HARPER” attributes

Experience Commitments

  • Represent the school in a sporting, cultural or academic event.
  • Take part in a formal presentation to an audience.