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Company/Charity Link Description
  Childnet International Activities around E safety for working with young people on the autistic spectrum
  Anti-Bullying Alliance

Anti-Bullying alliance document on cyberbullying and young people with SEN

  Big White Wall

Online Counselling Service(18+)

  Doc Ready

Prepares young people for first visit to GP about MH

  Selfharm.co.uk Information for professionals and young people about self-harm
  Madly In Love

MH and relationships including real stories/advice

  My CAMHS Choices

Information for young people on talking therapies

  Head Meds Info for young people on medication, mental health and life!
  Life Signs Info and support around self-harm
  Recover Your Life Info and support around self-harm
  B-eat Info and support around eating problems
  Black Dog Tribe Info and support around depression
  OCD Action

Info and support around OCD

  Youth Net Generic info and advice for Young People
  TheSite.org Generic info and advice for Young People
  Young Minds Information on mental health and wellbeing for young people, parents and professionals
  Kooth Online counselling and support
  Moodscope Mood tracking tool. Basic version is free, but you can pay to get more in-depth features
  Bipolar UK Info on bipolar, eCommunity, support groups. They also have a specific young people’s project
  Anxiety UK Info on anxiety. Live chat and email support, but have to pay membership fee
  OCD UK Info on OCD and support forums

Lots of info on mental health, as well as telephone, email and text support, and an online forum (have to be 18+ to use forum)

  Student Minds UK student mental health charity. Campaigns and peer support groups in universities across the country
  Time To Change Real life stories and information
  NACOA Information and support for children and young people who are affected by a parent’s drinking
  COAP Support (including online counselling) for children and young people affected by a parental addiction

Online moodtracking tool that responds to how you are feeling - congratulates you when you feel good, shows you pictures/ videos etc. that you like if you feel a bit off, and contacts a trusted person that you have selected on your behalf if you are feeling really bad

  Nightline Listening service for students, provided by trained student volunteers
  Students Against Depression

Information, advice and real life stories, specifically for students struggling with depression


Get Connected Support and signposting service for young people under 25. Telephone, email, text and webchat support
  Youth Access Directory of free and confidential counselling, advice or information services
  Youth Wellbeing Directory

Directory of service providers that aim to improve the emotional wellbeing and/or mental health of children and young people and their caregivers


Private and confidential telephone, email and online chat support for children and young people up to the age of 19.

Plus, information on a range of issues

  Grass Roots Suicide Prevention

Resources on Suicide

Prevention and LGBTQ





App Type Logo AppStore Android Description
Mood Tracker MoodPanda MoodPanda

Half moodtracker, half social network. Allows you to choose whether you keep mood private, or share it publicly for support from other MoodPanda users. Also allows you to see how your score compares with the average mood of all other users at that moment.

Mood Tracker MoodBug  

Created by MindApples, allows you to track your mood and share with friends or the public if you want to. Can give ‘gifts’ to others to say well done, or to cheer them up.

Mood Tracker Moodometer   Fairly basic moodtracker from the NHS
Meditation Headspace  

Mini 10 minute meditations to help clear your mind. Once you’ve completed the initial free course you can pay to access more meditations

Meditation Stop, Breathe and Think Stop, Breathe and Think

Guide to meditation. Recommends certain meditations based on how you’re feeling

Anxiety MindShift MindShift

Specifically for young people to help manage anxiety. Lots of tools, techniques and advice


SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management)

SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management)

Help with anxiety management. Interactive games and tools


Stress Tips (Anxiety UK)

Stress Tips (Anxiety UK)

Anxiety tracker.

Tests to see which form of anxiety you have, audio tips from people with lived experience, information to read


Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Uses the phone’s accelerometer to wake you up within a half hour window when you are at the lightest level of sleep- waking up from lighter sleep should help you feel more refreshed and feel better more generally

General Big White Wall   App version of the website
General Get Connected  

App version of website, also includes competitions and games

General Personal Zen   Game that has been clinically proven to reduce stress. More info here: http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/releases/reducing-anxiety-with-a-smartphone-app.html
General InHand InHand App to help young people through the ups and downs of life. Suggests activities to help based on how you rank your mood
General HealthyMinds HealthyMinds Problem-solving tool aimed at students
General Recovery Record Recovery Record Self-help tool for eating disorders