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It is my privilege to offer you a warm welcome to Harper Green. As a school we are proud of the achievements and successes of our pupils.  it is through the dedication of our highly professional, and motivated staff that ensures each child flourishes in a safe and happy environment.

As a school our beliefs are simple, that each individual leaves Harper Green with the qualifications and skills needed to achieve their ambitions. At Harper Green we challenge students to explore the furthest reaches of their intellectual, physical and emotional capabilities so that they realise their own infinite potential.

All our staff share a relentless commitment to ensuring that each and every lesson is engaging, challenging and suited to the learning needs of each individual.  This is underpinned with a strong pastoral team which creates an inclusive environment where every child feels safe, happy and valued.

Harper Green is the platform for young people to develop into global citizens that are able to make a valued contribution to society. It is through the learning, social and cultural experiences our young students have at Harper Green that is pivotal in shaping the people they become and provides them with the aptitude, achievements and opportunities to access life beyond school.


Ms Heppenstall, Head of School